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Bruce Brown's early films demonstrated his dry wit and a casual rapport with the best surfers of the late '50s and early '60s.

Video News Story:

The Surfer's Journal 1950's
Bruce Brown's early films demonstrated his dry wit and a casual rapport with the best surfers of the late '50s and early '60s.

Brown worked almost non-stop from 1958, when he made a low-key classic called "Slippery When Wet" to his sixth film, The Endless Summer, which showed the rest of the world what the sport was really all about.


Richard and Judy Bernard

He was the best


I saw "Endless Summer" in January 1965 at Santa Barbara High School with Bruce Brown narrating. With a good swell running at an uncrowded Rincon. I was 13 and couldn't even drive a car. Mom had to take us to the beach and pick us up later.


LOVE the Velzy interviews.

Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

Love it ~ Shared 

Família Òeu

Muito amor ao surf !!

Shaun Morrice

I loved endless summer 2 the best

Bruce Fowler

When I met Bruce, his son, Wade was sanding for my label "The Surfing Underground" in the old Radon Boat Yard in Santa Barbara.

One Sunday, we stopped by Bruce's house, which was back in a canyon south of Gaviota, on our way up to surf The Ranch.

Bruce had just come back from surfing & diving abalone off our Channel Islands.

He was wearing an old Rolling Stones T shirt and was welcoming & cordial.

The great room was adorned with large blown up frames of great moments from his cinematography hanging high up on the walls the entire perimeter of the nice, but rustic setting.  Bruce was a great guy, the real deal, part of the greatest generation of surfers ever. R.I.P.

BizVid Communications

Great movie, Ira.  Thanks for sharing.


Cool dude. Gratitude.

Jeff Hartwig

I began surfing in the early seventies and borrowed a diving wetsuit from my friend Jack Rojas. Thanks Jack! 

My surf buddies and I would go to the old movie theatre in Huntington Beach and the filmmaker would narrate the surf movie and give away free wax and sometimes a leash.

Good times!

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