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The Pirouettes are a French electro-pop band with an inimitable charisma, reminiscent of the late '70s synth-pop and retro wave.

Video News Story:

The Pirouettes 'Ça ira ça ira'
The Pirouettes are a French electro-pop band with an inimitable charisma, reminiscent of the late '70s synth-pop and retro wave.

Introducing The Pirouettes, an ethereal French electro-pop band

The two members of the group Vickie Chérie and Leo Bear Creek, are both natives of Annecy. an alpine town in southeastern France.

How did you meet and what prompted the formation of your band?

Leo: We met at school in Annecy. I was already a musician in the Coming Soon band and I was very keen to make music with Victoria, simply because I was in love with her and thought she had a crazy charisma.

Victoria agreed and that's how we started doing songs together. First for fun and then in a more professional way.

Vickie: I wasn't a musician at all, nor a singer. My passions were photography and videography.

Today, I am in charge of the whole visual aspect of the band.

I make our covers, the graphic design of the albums and some of the clips.

How do you define your style of music?

We are considered an electronic pop band sung in French. Basically, our style is based on the French variety of the 70s and 80s.

Our first EPs were more referenced, and they had a strong 80's sound. Today, I believe (I hope) that we have really achieved the modern sound that is our own: the sound of The Pirouettes.

Which artists have influenced you and where do your inspirations come from?

I think of France Gall and Michel Berger, Gainsbourg, Christophe, Yves Simon...

Today, our musical tastes have evolved a lot. We mainly listen to contemporary music, rap, R&B, and so on.


Notan Land

Ce clip est....AESTHETIC


Mais qu'est ce que vous voulez qu'on vous dise, vous êtes génialissimes !


Cette pirouette dans ma tête à la première écoute... Génialissime

Julia Ayr

Je m'attendais tout sauf à ça !  C'est étonnant :-) j'aime beaucoup ????le clip, les paroles, l'ambiance. .. C'est un coup de coeur ❤ Merci


J’écoute ce son juste avant ma première épreuve du brevet et le titre est “ça ira ça ira”’


On dirait une musique des Oompa Loompa dans Charlie et la chocolaterie


Tiens le fils de Mika sort un disque :) Allez on arrête la boutade. Sérieux, on adore et on avait votre âge dans les années 80. Merci The Pirouettes !

Luvli Kid

Ça calme mon anxiété, love you guys.

Estelle Mignot

Psychédélique. On adore !! ❤


Vraiment une petite bulle de bonheur ^^ j'adore !!

Erik Soriano

Thank you Spotify for introducing me to this très génial musiques ???? j’aime ça

Линда Емельянова

I don't need to understand the language to say that this song is beautiful!

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