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Parcels are an Australian electropop band from Byron Bay, NSW - Louie Swain (keyboards), Patrick Hetherington (keyboards), Noah Hill (bass), Anatole "Toto" Serret (drums) & Jules Crommelin (guitar).

Video News Story:

The Parcels 'Gamesofluck'
Parcels are an Australian electropop band from Byron Bay, NSW - Louie Swain (keyboards), Patrick Hetherington (keyboards), Noah Hill (bass), Anatole "Toto" Serret (drums) & Jules Crommelin (guitar).

This is a blaster 7.5m funk track from our mates up the road in Byron Bay - The Parcels - Gamesofluck ( Shot live at the Reeperbahn Festival - Hamburg 2018 )

This track benefits from Max. bass thru quality Hi-Fi - How much funk can you handle?

The band formed in 2014 while at high school in Byron Bay, Australia, and are now based in Berlin, Germany.

Parcels are signed to the French label Kitsuné.

Their single "Overnight", released on 21 June 2017, was produced by Daft Punk, who heard them at their first performance in France.

Daft Punk invited the five piece to their Los Angeles studio and requested to hear some demo tracks that they'd been working on.

The French duo were inspired by "Overnight", so they proceeded to work towards recording and releasing it with Parcels.[7] In an interview on the process, Parcel's keyboardist Patrick Hetherington said that "First we spent seven days in the studio with them, every day from 12 midday up until 4 in the morning, literally working on it overnight."[8]

The band's first EP, "Clockscared", was released on 2 March 2015 while they were starting out in electronic music. Their second EP, "Hideout", was released on 27 January 2017 and was entirely computer-produced.

Their sound has since been described as having "an unmistakeable penchant for the 70s [...] fusing together the old and the new".

They describe themselves as "sort of a blend between electro-pop and disco-soul".[2]

On 25 June 2017 they performed at the Glastonbury Festival, at the Silver Hayes Pussy Parlure.

Their first appearance on US television was performing "Overnight" on Conan in September 2017.

On 6 September 2018, they released the single "Lightenup". All three singles were released ahead of their self-titled debut album, which was released on 12 October 2018.


troubled token

Pat's sidestep dance is already iconic.


You know that they CAN make music when the live-version is better than the original


is that George Harrison?!

Daniel Pérez

¿Qué hace tocando George Harrison como Nile Rodgers? :V


I didn't know George Harrison came back to life to make funk music.

Eric Peru

dude, youtube algorithm is on point today. Glad music like this is being made.

Ian Reed

layer upon layer of solid groovy funkadelic power. Would love to see them live.

500 Pieces

0:32 the bass players face when he sees the keyboard.

Igor Kurtz

i want 16th notes of Totos high hat playing at my funeral.. That's all.

Eliakim Oliveira

OMG ... This is the best song of the year!

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