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Video Language Warning ! After the past couple of episodes which focused on the global situation, it seemed the time was right to return to Oz where, after a brief hiatus, the sh*tf*#kery has resumed

Video News Story:

Honest Government Ad | Economic Recovery
Video Language Warning ! After the past couple of episodes which focused on the global situation, it seemed the time was right to return to Oz where, after a brief hiatus, the sh*tf*#kery has resumed

The Australien Government could be considered representative of all governments since many of its policies resonate globally.

And that's definitely the case with this one, which applies to all governments squandering this historic moment to address inequality & the climate emergency, by doing The Same Old Shit™.

In the 'Further Reading' section below, the video's creator has included  some links to some of the groups they've seen who are doing what governments should be doing: Taking this historic moment seriously by calling for a radical departure from The Same Old Shit™ and advocating for a Peoples' Recovery.

Further Reading:

* Firstly check out 350.org Australia's investigative FossilFuelWatch work on the Covid Commission shitfuckery: fossilfuel.watch

* On the economics side I find Richard Dennis to be so good at explaing stuff clearly and persuasively. check out this webinar where he talks about economic recovery: https://youtu.be/0Q8tmaMe30w?t=1176


Sean C

I want to live in the reality where this is a 24hr news network.


“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”– Plato


Only current day governments can, quote, “Find 60 Billion Dollars under the couch.”


You know what's even more DERP - The Australians that keep voting them in.

Eduardo De Lara

Whoever made the Brazilian Portuguese subtitles is a genius because in the end when she says "LOL"  they translated it into "kkk" which doesn't change the meaning, just adds another one on top of it and it kinda worked perfectly.

Australia is not real just ask a flat earther.

You think the government will let a good crisis go to waste


Then, of course, there was the "accidental" blasting of an ancient cave (Juukan Gorge Cave) by the Rio Tinto mining company, just to illustrate the attitude of these types of companies that governments allow to have too much power.


Oh, don't forget letting Rio Tinto blow up a sacred site with a thousands of years old genetic link to the people still living in that area

Dion Suurmond

I love how this is my only news source on Australia's geopolitical and economical business.

Divided By Zero

This needs to be shoved in front of every Australian possible.

Corey Mckay

This needs to be seen everywhere.


I think "cool and normal!" is my new favourite sarcastic phrase


So good, we need someone like you guys here in Italy, the corruption of the government is evident and no one says nothing

Annie Chen

The fact that Australia is more American than America is a seriously disgusting tome


"Empty ballsack of ideas" needs to be on a t shirt


I'm just commenting to make this more popular, don't mind me.

Jack Man

We're basically having the same "sh*tf*ckery" here in the US.

Charley Clarke

"Empty ball-sack of ideas that is God's Ministry" LOL .... can I use this?

Pahadi Central

Yes, she's from the Australian Government. I am here to confirm that - Guy from the Australian Government

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