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A remix of a great song with the dance floor in mind, featuring an updated 'Four-on-the-floor' feel, but still respecting the kick/snare of the pop heartbeat in the original.

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SVideo News Story:

Stevie Nicks 'Gypsy' Remix
A remix of a great song with the dance floor in mind, featuring an updated 'Four-on-the-floor' feel, but still respecting the kick/snare of the pop heartbeat in the original.

This PortMac.News 'Clip-O-The-Week' goes out especially for Wendy in Coffs Harbour - the sweetest thing ever on two legs!

I know there's one or two of you out there who can't get enough of my remixes, and to BOTH of you I say... ;')  not being content to leave well enough alone, here's Leftatalbuquerque's attempt at adding a percussion break to the Gypsy remix.

If you love the song, hey, it just lasts longer and you can sing along to it more as you walk down the street!

I always prefer a remix that sounds like the original song - modern "house" and "trance" re-interpretations just drive me up the wall - I LOVE REAL MUSIC!!

I want the music to send me on a journey, not some chemical made in a bathtub!! Is there any hope for me??

The Mac is of course backing Stevie up, but in this arrangement, a nod to the Giorgio Moroder/Pete Belotte style that propelled Donna Summer to the top of the charts.

Stevie has her own channel here on Youtube!

For years, I thought the lyric was about her youth, but because of the words used (and my love of disco- who's kidding who?) I assumed the words "velvet underground" and "back to the floor that I love" were about New York, Andy Warhol and Studio 54!

It turns out to be something different, but magic nonetheless.

Aren't we lucky to share the planet at the same time as all these fabulous singers? Donna, Babs, Whitney, Sheena, Jane Oliver, Olivia, Stevie, Bette... Their styles may differ, but they touch us in wonderful, affirming ways.

Is it just me, or is Stevie a goddess? The queen of mysticism...

So I'm back, to the velvet underground

Back to the floor, that I love

To a room with some lace and paper flowers

Back to the gypsy that I was

To the gypsy... that I was


Big Lou

It was 1991, had just got back from a tour of duty in Desert Storm & given a 3 day pass, driving home from Ft. Bragg to Louisiana when while flipping through the radio stations I came across this gem.

So mesmerized by Stevie Nicks haunting voice & that guitar at the end I had to find a record store to buy this cassette tape (CD wasn't quite popular or didn't exist then).

From South Carolina to Louisiana, keeping speed between 75 to 90, occasionally hit 100 (the stars were in my favor- no speeding tickets) I drove listening to this without a care in the world.

20+ years later, when stressed, I can still pull out this CD & go for a drive to nowhere, just drive with this playing & if only for an hour or 2 I have peace, total peace while Stevie Nicks haunting voice & that guitar make me forget all my troubles, transporting me back to that very 1st time I heard her driving along I-20 at 20 years of age, without a care in the world.


Anything by Stevie Nicks is awesome


"My Name is Stevie Nicks."  Oh, I love that part.  Great job!

Stephanie G.

Lightening strikes maybe once,  or maybe twice.  Beautiful remix!

Faye Bea

Needed this - Going through a really hard time at the moment. Feel like everything is failing

William Heininger

If anyone can make me feel good during this covid-19 QUARANTINE STEVIE SURE CAN. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please Stay Safe. Love Ya.

Roberto Contreras

Nothing  more to say  about  this  song no words  to describe  l am speechless bewitched  by Stevie's  magic



Robert Nunez

Absolutely amazing! Love that you used the "I can't find you"  and extend vocals from the end. It really makes for the ultimate Gypsy experience. This takes me back to when remixes were fun! Would have made a great official 12" single back in 1982!

Einsteinz Vice

A life "Times -9" for Miss Stevie!!!! For like a CAT waiting silently in the MISTY mornin' DEW, she weaves her QUIET mystic 'spell;' SATURATING YOU!

Below: Watch the original (Excellent) video for 'Gypsy', directed by Russell Mulcahy. In 1982 it was the very first ever 'World Premiere Video' on MTV.


'From Remote LNN Site' | Video Story By : Staff-Editor-02

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