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This is the famous video of David Bowie recorded in the TopPop studios in Hilversum the Netherlands, under the direction of Rien van Wijk in 1974.

Video News Story:

David Bowie 'Rebel Rebel'
This is the famous video of David Bowie recorded in the TopPop studios in Hilversum the Netherlands, under the direction of Rien van Wijk in 1974.

David Bowie 'Rebel Rebel' : This video was broadcast on 4 March 1974 and it is the only video clip of Bowie performing this single.

The song was a big hit for Bowie in the UK (#5)  and the Netherlands (#8).

On the same day Bowie did a press conference in the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam where he received an Edison award for stella album 'Hunky Dory'


Life Eternal

The man who made it cool to be different

Frank Irons

I love how he's not even trying to sync up with his guitar half the time.


I love David Bowie's attitude in this video and particularly the fact that he can't even be bothered to pretend to play the guitar. Manufactured and over-produced plastic pop acts of today take note.

Erik B.

Top 10 cutest anime girls

Eliza Gramiak

if my future children don't like david bowie then there's gonna be a problem

Lady Grinning Soul

I'm a girl who all her life refused to use high heels and make up, but when I saw David, I love high heels!!!!!!!

Nobody could change my mind as he did.

Rest in peace, my love


i love the way he moves his mouth. somethin about it.

Eliza Gramiak

I'm always worried about what people think about me and I always think that they'll make fun of the way I dress and then I look at David and he always makes me so happy and he makes me feel like it's okay to be weird and different


Who is listening to this in 2020 because David Bowie is so good

Kill it with fire

what is he even doing with that guitar

Stewart McKenzie

Possibly the most memorable guitar riff of all time ????????????

Darrell Grant

He was 10 years a head of the British pop invasion of the 80s, he was a genius and a pioneer...RIP

Ambient Walking

Who's listening to this in April 2020? What a wonderful song. I love it so much!

joiji jo

How could they know? Hot Tramp I love you so

Alison Hell

I love that song, and David Bowie's voice is perfect!!

Fran Fernández

more Rolling Stone than the Rolling Stones

Peter Van Beijeren Bergen en Henegouwen

David Bowie the best singer ever!!!!!!!

audioradio stereo

my first self-writed ringtone on nokia 3310 in 2001

Devus The Wolf!

man those looks

Baby Babe

He looks so beautiful and sexy here.

Sonya Zuniga

I love his little smile. So happy he looks

Jl Pradels

listen to the album "Diamond dogs" , magnetic !!!

Katie Babington Smith

david bowie is the real legend27. nuff said.

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