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Sampled by George Michael for 'Fast Love', covered a trillion times, 'Forget Me Nots' is a 1982 song co-written and performed by American R&B musician Patrice Rushen - none funkier.

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Patrice Rushen 'Forget Me Nots'
Sampled by George Michael for 'Fast Love', covered a trillion times, 'Forget Me Nots' is a 1982 song co-written and performed by American R&B musician Patrice Rushen - none funkier.

 Consumer Advice : More bass & volume is good & you can never have to much of a good thing !

'Forget Me Nots' marked a radical shift in Patrice Rushen's music, she would continue to harness the particular style of this record all through to her next album 'Now', released in 1984.

Originally deemed by record label executives as a "flop", the song became a Top 40 pop (#23), Top 5 R&B (#4), and Top 5 dance (#2) hit on the Billboard charts and is the hit for which she is best known.

The single's success culminated in Rushen's scoring her first nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 1983 Grammy Awards.

Rushen had a number of songs on the R&B and Dance charts but "Forget Me Nots" was her only top 40 pop hit in the U.S.

The bassline is particularly recognizable, and was performed on the record by session bass player Freddie Washington.

The tenor saxophone solo was played by Los Angeles session player and recording artist Gerald Albright, who also appears in the music video of the song.

The lyrics are from the point of view of someone professing a longing to rekindling a lost relationship.

She ruminates on the romance's end and sends her lover 'Forget-me-nots', a flower that, since medieval times, has been given and worn to symbolize enduring love despite absence or separation.


Malcom Sazon

That bass line is so funky, I had to spray the room with air freshener when the song was over.


Freddie Washington slapped that bass like it said something bad about his mother.

Jasmine Jones

I can’t be the only teenager here who loves this song and is proud to say it

Damario Haynes

Prince had a crush on her, and I don't blame him she is pretty wow.


this song is giving me lifeee during this 2020 quarintine


I'm a white man still listening to this after 30 years. Great music sees no color, no race. Great music is great music. Period,, regardless of what race produced it.

Daryl Chambers

A bass line that could strip paint.

DreamWave Dave

This still sounds better than most anything today.

Goodie Haygood

Funk is eternal, what is music without the Soul.

Derek Uhm

one of the best basslines in music.

Dana Daniel

She's a beauty! Love the hairstyle!


Stylist: "How many beads do you want?"

Patrice: "Yes."

Iulian Manole

One of the best bass slap ever!

sca rab

Sending you forget me nots

To help me to remember

Baby please forget me not

I want you to remember


She’s so underrated and she’s the first female musical director of the Grammy awards, in fact she did it 3 times ????????????????????

Raffy Rapadas


Gregory Fulmore

At the age of 62 Ms Patrice is still very beautiful and so is Stephanie Mills even they're small women but the singing voices are big as you can imagine

Ankit Dash

So finally realised George Michael's Fastlove was based on this

Simon Boyes

She's a natural mover - it's difficult to dance-walk to a piano stool elegantly

De'Arreon Williams

Doesn’t matter what you’re going through the right music will get you through it


I'm 63 yrs old. I remember dancing to this song in the disco with a rotating bar. Wow....the times of my life.

Arthur B

Now this is what I call music!  The vocals and instruments can not be beat!

Ziggy Stefanovic

I sent this song to the man I've loved all my life, whilst painting my walls - He responded and now, after 36 years of dreaming of him, he's mine at last ... Music is so powerful x

Leslie Ward

Pure, classy, talented writer, performer. Brings back fond memories of the best time in history.

Rob Warren-Armes

i'm 13 again and listening to this on the radio. Where have the years gone ? Sod the Will Smith version, and the George Michael sample. This is the original.

nin Hu

I'm born in the wrong decade

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