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Left turn on the PortMac.News Dream Pop freeway. Elizabeth Caroline Orton is an English singer-songwriter, known for her 'Folktronica' sound & William Orbit, is an English musician & record producer.

Video News Story:

SVideo News Story:

Orton / Orbit 'Water from a vine leaf'
Left turn on the PortMac.News Dream Pop freeway. Elizabeth Caroline Orton is an English singer-songwriter, known for her 'Folktronica' sound & William Orbit, is an English musician & record producer.

William Orbit, is an English musician and record producer who has sold 200 million recordings worldwide of his own work, his production & his songwriting work.

He is a recipient of multiple Grammy Awards, Ivor Novello Awards and other music industry awards

Beth Orton was initially recognised for her collaborations with William Orbit, Andrew Weatherall, Red Snapper and the Chemical Brothers in the mid-1990s.

Her UK/US first solo album, Trailer Park, received much critical acclaim in 1996.

Orton developed a devoted audience with the release of the BRIT Award-winning album Central Reservation (1999) and the 2002 UK top 10 album, Daybreaker.

Her 2006 album, Comfort of Strangers, was followed by a break during which she collaborated with the British guitarist Bert Jansch.

Orton returned with Sugaring Season in 2012, which moved towards a purer acoustic sound, followed by a return to electronic music with Kidsticks, released in 2016.


Lee Baker

Wicked video


Just found this by accident..I have to say it's brilliant....


@DaveDrumsUK I've just stumbled across your vid after all these years ... thanks for sharing my remix. I'm really humbled by your description and so many of the comments on here... But can I just clarify that it's definitely NOT better than the original ;) I hope i did the track sufficient justice in my own way, but nothing will beat the album version. Apart from possibly Spooky's Xylem Flow remix, which was actually the first version of the track that I heard and was basically the 12" that made me go out and buy my first set of decks. Incredible, ahead of its time progressive house. Just been hanging out with Charlie May this weekend and it brought it all back :) Good times! Thanks again

Carl Fisher

SUBLIMINAL! I agree, this MIGHT just be better than the original; the majesticness of the track as it slowly builds up to the heavenly vocal drop around the 4:20 sends shivers down the spine with a hefty shot of dopamine for good measure!


This track is absolutely FANTASTIC


4 years ago

Possibly the greatest trance song ever

Mr. B.W.

Aargh! With headphones and cannabis, yeah - what a luvly way to spend 8 and a half minutes

Edy Braun

I've listened to all the remixes of this track and this one ranks as one of the top!

Mr. B.W.

This has got to be the best mix of 'Vine Leaf' out.


This is the best remix of this amazing song!


Wow! This completely blew my mind. I liked the original but...this is amazing.

Clayton Proctor

I've heard this in a many a clubs back in the day!!!  Still gets me!! :)

Roy Harrell

I've never heard this before.  It is brilliant. Brilliant, and an unexpected gift to my happy at just the right moment.  Much appreciation for sharing this.


Can't find words, this music makes me feel alive more than anything else -- thanks :)


walked through the woods with this on in a particular state of mind. The best.

Richard Hopley

he is the godfather of this genre - and Beth Orton's vocals nail it



This feels like ENIGMA reloaded

Pete Mason

heard this when it came out. I keep coming back. As an artist, that's a good as it gets lol.

Dave Thompson

Awesome, my friend!  Who dares improve the work of the master?  You do!  :)


Said it before about other tracks. But this still blows me away

Artur Piesiura

Found this MASTERPIECE today, straight to my fav playlist. Feels like a mushrooms trip.

outerpassionzone 261

i keep comin back to this because its one of the most unreal and amazing remixes ive ever heard

Mr. B.W.

A brilliant mix, thanx.

Thomas Georgantas

Wonderful remix, thank you very much..

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