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As Port Macquarie goes into another two weeks of lockdown we need to chillout a little, have a cold one & accept the inevitability of the way it is. Summers coming & we'll soon be free.

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SVideo News Story:

Air 'All I Need'
As Port Macquarie goes into another two weeks of lockdown we need to chillout a little, have a cold one & accept the inevitability of the way it is. Summers coming & we'll soon be free.

"All I Need" is a song by French music group Air from their debut album Moon Safari (1998).

The song was written by group members Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, along with American singer Beth Hirsch, who provides vocals on the song.

The song came about in a period when Beth Hirsch and Air members Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel all resided in the Paris district of Montmartre.

Hirsch had gone to record in the house of a producer who also lived in the neighborhood.

In the house, Godin was sitting on a couch, waiting to meet her.

Having heard a demo of Hirsch's, he invited her to record some tracks for Moon Safari.

Following this invitation, Hirsch wrote the lyrics and melody of "All I Need".

Many say Air could sing about a root canals or an income tax returns and make them mesmerising and beautiful.

Their aesthetics reach areas in the stratosphere untouched by others.

What makes these lyrics so special is the way they are so elegantly sung over the cool, peaceful decadence of the music.

Almost like a whisper, but just slightly more persuasive.

The experience is something like taking a bite out of a cool, crisp dark-chocolate-covered strawberry and letting it melt slowly in your mouth.

The vibe I always get from this song is that the singer is searching for or perhaps just pursuing something (likely a love interest) and is becoming exhausted.

Not in an exasperated 'I'm sick of it' kind of way, but just supremely fatigued.

And is expressing that what she's after isn't complex or exorbitant ('I just need -----, that's all...") but is so vitally important that she'll keep plugging away until she gets it.

Not in an aggressive way, just a persistent, enduring, perhaps even loyal way, with a gentle strength well communicated in the music's powerful yet soft lilt.



This song is timeless. Love it.

Iulian Leonard

AIR - ALL I NEED  - All I need is a little time, To get behind this sun and cast my weight,


great song, but don't listen to it if you just had a break up or a fight with your loved one...then it's completely different

Jasmiena Jansen

wow.THIS is what I call ULTIMATE perfection

David Lin

Something innocent and charming and sexy all at once.

Niall Wildwoode

This song and video never tires. I play it regularly and just....float. A creation of pure genius and beauty ❤

Shaun Morris

I'm so  happy I found AIR. ♥️


A rare epic masterpiece... enjoy with feeling privileged

Elena Teodorescu

I used to listen to this song 8 years ago... I've missed so much... Always back to this vibe

Pamela Vieira

Great music. Brings good sensation! Uma tremenda viagem :)

carlos SP

MONUMENTAL composition of sound and images!!

Herman Stilleschrei

:) Beautiful visuals with a great song!

le debe

thanks for the tears this piece of Art it is <3

Safa S

Man I ain't never plucking a flower again

Kevin Tucker

Wow, where have I been, this is just fantastic!.


This song is a song of memories whose loved ones taught me.

RM 713

How Perfect Nature and Beautiful Music can be together.

Lost In Music

I love this song a lot !

Joao Paulo Silva

Perfeito !!!

Lounge Music

Beautiful Track. Love It.

Roman Komžík

Amazing song Thank you Air!


God, this song is beautiful

Bongibrother TV

great song - beautiful

Eric M

love it ..stays in your head and soul

Mama Shine

Gives you hope...love it!

Michael Reuther

I wish, I could hold a girls hand watching the sun and and listen this song

Elena Rosa Le Pera

Simply enchanting love this video


How Beautiful!!! The song.. the video.. ALL of it! = )


beautiful ! j'adore Air !

Richard Picchietti

Gorgeous! Thank you!

LIFE Update

Well done...superb video ....Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

Udit Sharma

dude the video is out of this world , brilliance !!

Thad 1990

Whoa......that was......amazing.......

Daniel Lewis-carter

Like a warm breeze..hypnotic, amniotic...

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