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Lockdown is over ! Nuff chilling out, it's spring in Straylia, beach bacons, pub calls ! Time to prune the mullet & polish the Falcon - Enter Melbourne band 'Amyl and the Sniffers'.

Video News Story:

SVideo News Story:

Amyl & the Sniffers 'Some Mutts'
Lockdown is over ! Nuff chilling out, it's spring in Straylia, beach bacons, pub calls ! Time to prune the mullet & polish the Falcon - Enter Melbourne band 'Amyl and the Sniffers'.

PortMac.News is proud & privileged to bring you, in the tradition of AC/DC & The Saints - 'Amyl and the Sniffers', Oz rock just as God intended it to be.

Amyl and the Sniffers pull the trick of being direct and obtuse at the same time. At face value, “Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)” finds the Aussie band bashing out a three chord banger in early-early-early LA punk style.

With the tune’s Keith Richards-meets-Stooges swinging guitar and singer Amy’s snarl-shouted vocals, there’s the same dark spark of bands like Alice and the Bags and the Alley Cats.

It also helps that the rollercoaster riff itself slides with the best of them and functions as a circle of barbed wire.

This sets up Amy to launch the tune into greatness and she hits it.

Through a blown out mic, she hisses, “You got a new dog, do you remember me? am I just a memory? /You got a new dog, do you remember me? She walks around on my old lead... is she as good as me?”

These are the kind of lyrics that serve as landmarks. Many-amany punks speak in absolutes and in most punk tunes, the singer is either painting himself as the moral saint raging against an evil, or as the evil, in an act of self parody.

Amy here is more honest than that and makes the argument that human relationships are much more messier than “Good guy” and “bad guy.”

Converting earnest vulnerability into a strength is a master strike and Amy and crew knock it out of the park.


Pickin Pickens

As a failed musician and a human being, I'm so turned on right now.

Unlucky Wanderer

Man, Australian voices work really well for punk rock. They’re perfect honestly.

Ling Yi

Amyl and the sniffers , Viagra Boys , Sleaford Mods and Billy Nomates.... music getting good again

Carlo Rabinovici

Those mullets deserve a thumbs up of their own.

Katelynne Shouse

Soooooooo, my wife and I are both 51 years old, we're so old we saw The Ramones and The Clash and The Sex Pistols and AC/DC (when Bonn Scott led the boys) and Iggy Pop and on and on and on, in person.. We literally just found this band tonight........and we LOVE THEM!!!!

 Sometimes you had to have been there the first time around to truly understand what I'm saying, but this band Is IT. Has IT. Exudes IT.

And you've either got IT......or you don't!

Paul Kristovic

Straight from the source. As long as people continue to make music like this then we'll be ok.


I’m so happy music like this is still being made


What sets the Sniffers apart from their peers is Amyl herself and how good an axman Dec is.  Even on Ramones length joints you hear it loud and clear.


this honestly is bloody incredible! ive been waiting for a group like this and finally its here!

jade056 SLenin77

Discovered them 24 hours ago and I'm obsessed! Been stuck in my head all. Day. Long.


These and The Chats are currently blowing my mind! Cannot believe I have been missing these bands!


I've never seen such a fantastic array of mullets in my life

Too Much Fandango

That riff and hard thick sound is infectious. production all round true to the art.


Australia is making really good music, hope it shows the rest of the world how to do it again srlsy.


Just heard this in the witching hour this morning (2-4 am!) and was refreshingly surprised! The sound is awesome! I hope to check them in London in the near future!

Gloomy Vale

Pure energy, nice to see some interesting bands are still out there.

Gary InMarz

Iggy Pop never looked so good  in shorts


Good band. Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics vibe but thankfully nowhere near as outrageous

Wingnut Mcspazatron

As soon as she started singing, I fell in love with her brand of vocals.

Not Mii, Uus

This song is so good my religious dad sent me a live version because he was embarrassed to send me this music video????

Perrera Puertorosario

Courtney Barnet’s wayward younger sister takes time machine and joins AC/DC . God bless Australia ????

Noah Hildreth

Just stumbled upon this band. My hope in the music industry has been restored.

Reginald Crapo

With Amy such a force of nature, there is probably not enough said about the guitarist, Declan: his incredibly fresh style in the lead parts combining seamlessly with those compellingly driving riffs in the verses is absolutely stunning dynamism. And I will say something about that powerhouse rhythm section when I can formulate the words -- an amazingly thrilling band.

Chad F

Absolutely love this band!

Common Sense

Great production , great tune, seductive riff, killer vocal performance, sharp musicianship. Stay focussed guys. The world needs a rock n roll rocket up its butt.

Sid Dalton

Such a great song and video! It's like Bon Scott came back as Amy, really channels a Dirty Deeds vibe. Awesome work Amyl and the Sniffers, this is what we need!!!!!!!

Squange Flagion

Seems like all the best music is coming out of Australia right now.

mrs. butterworthy

New favourite band! And I LOVE this awesome woman ????


As a long-time punk, this is punk AF.  I LOVE these guys.


Amy looks like the long lost child of Debbie Harry and Johnny Rotten.

Orion Kerensky

I can never get enough of this

Paul Franzen

the best sound in 15 years. I'm in love with this band


I wanna smoke ciggies again, that's how good they are! So glad I found this band!

Leon P Fields

That chord progression is so bloody addictive | and the vocal wraps around it like a strangling snake | love it

Alan MacSeoin

Outstanding band . "Got You" is another bangin' song from them. Only in Australia would you still see the MULLET worn with pride.


I just love Amy Taylor!  From Viagra Boys to Sleaford Mods I just love her infectious energy and huge smile. She's like the cutest punk rock girl who I'd allow in my home knowing full well she'd literally set the place ablaze within a half hour. 


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