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Yes, it's true ! The NSW local government area of Port Macquarie is back in lockdown for seven days after local cases detected following 'Sydneysider' visit which brought virus to town.

Source : PortMac.News | Citizen :

Source : PortMac.News | Citizen | News Story:

Port Macquarie : City goes back into Lockdown for 7 days
Yes, it's true ! The NSW local government area of Port Macquarie is back in lockdown for seven days after local cases detected following 'Sydneysider' visit which brought virus to town.

News Story Summary:

Port Macquarie's lockdown 3.0 is underway.

Stay-at-home orders for the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Government Areas (LGAs) will be introduced from 6pm today for seven days due to an increased COVID-19 public health risk.

These stay-at-home orders will also apply to anyone who has been in the Port Macquarie-Hastings LGA since 17 September.

Everyone in these LGAs must stay at home unless it is for an essential reason, which includes shopping for food, medical care, getting vaccinated, compassionate needs, exercise and work or tertiary education if you can't work or study at home.

To determine the extent of the risk and detect any further potential COVID-19 cases in these areas, we are calling on the communities to come forward for testing in large numbers.

A strong response to testing will be a key factor in determining if these stay-at-home orders are extended beyond one week. To find your nearest clinic visit COVID-19 clinics or contact your GP.

The stay-at-home order for Kempsey LGA will be lifted, as scheduled, at midnight tonight.

However, this order may be reintroduced if new information indicates an increased public health risk.

People in Kempsey need to remain particularly vigilant, practise COVID-safe behaviours and get tested at the first sign of even mild symptoms.

Kempsey LGA will continue to operate under some restrictions to ensure community safety. For more information, please visit: nsw.gov.au/covid-19

High vaccination rates are also essential to reduce the risk of transmission and protect the health and safety of the community.

PMHC Information:

In light of the new 7 days stay home orders we're closing some of our services to keep them accessible and safe: 

* PMHC Customer Service Centres will be closed from tomorrow but you can still reach our team by email, online, or over the phone.

* PMHC libraries will be closed from tomorrow, but you can still browse and borrow through the Click and collect service which is available, as are all other online services.

* Community halls and indoor sports facilities are CLOSED, and all outdoor sports facilities are CLOSED to any group training or competitions.

* Pools will be OPEN for recreational swimming and CLOSED to any group training or competitions.

* The animal shelter will operate by appointment.

* Waste facilities will be OPEN.

So Hastonians : Relax - Chill, it'll be over before you know it !

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