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'Ou Est Le Swimming Pool' was a synth-pop trio hailing from Camden in north London. Charles Haddon, Joe Hutchinson & Caan Capan formed the group in 2008, 'Dance The Way I Feel' was their debut single.

Video News Story:

SVideo News Story:

Ou Est le Swimming Pool 'Dance'
'Ou Est Le Swimming Pool' was a synth-pop trio hailing from Camden in north London. Charles Haddon, Joe Hutchinson & Caan Capan formed the group in 2008, 'Dance The Way I Feel' was their debut single.

 'Dance The Way I Feel' was the bands debut single & first hit in Australia peaking at #16 on the ARIA singles chart.

The band's vocalist, Charles Haddon, described the trio's songwriting process - "The tracks start in a few different ways. One way is to start with the drum pattern and see what synth lines or chords take your fancy. Then just play around with some vocals/lyrics until it works".

"Another way is to really go back to basics and write it on the piano. That's where most of the more emotional songs come from."

On August 20, 2010, Haddon committed suicide after a performance at Pukkelpop, Belgium.

He jumped from a telecommunications mast in the backstage artists' parking area.

What a fucking waste.



Every time I revisit this song I think of what could have been.... in the world of music. Masterpiece.

soulsearcher 117

Did you randomly remember this song out of nowhere and just wanted to hear this song out of nostalgia. ????


I still remember the day of his suicide. 10 years ago. I still remember the exact day. This band were on track to be something so spectacular and it was ended in much the same way. RIP Chazz. 10 years on and I still lament the way it all went down. They'd have been fukin huge

Puppeteer Pandas

This song getting so high on the Hottest 100 is a great testiment to Charles Haddon and his intense vocals. May he Rest in Peace


All their songs are so intense I want to dance and cry at the same time. Love you guys, always have, always will.


both versions are awesome but this version has more power especially when they add the violin part !!! epic track that never gets old


still gives me goosebumps ...

The Vermin Media are your Enemies Free People

I think these guys would have been huge stars, at least on the level of Depeche Mode. They had all the ingredients, really. It's strange that the lyrics reflect what happened to Charlie Haddon, like almost seeing into the future.

Nick D

So beautifully saddening. With humanity speeding toward destination fucked this song encapsulates why I feel deeply for young people of today. In the 80s we danced to celebrate life.  Keep dancing the way you feel.


This song is an eternal classic!! One more thing: There is ONE thing we are guaranteed in life: "Death"!! We are all going to die one day!  So there is no rush. We might aswell  experience life while it lasts. Peace out!

blues nspire

this song is amazing. really makes you dance the way u feel.

A. M.

Love this song!!! Still trying to wrap my head around what happened that night he died. And my thoughts keep coming back to..... How the girl must feel that he died and everyone says it's over the fact that he might have ended her ability to walk. SAD really.... but as I think more maybe she was just the drop that made the cup over flow... RIP Charles


haven't heard this song in years, so glad i found it again!!!


Heard this song at Forever 21 and loved it so I Shazaamed it. Came to youtube to listen to it and was saddened to find out that the lead singer passed away. Still looking forward to digging through the rest of their music 


Great song! I was @ work today and i heard this song! 

Nikolett Páncél

Love this song since 2010... Love from Hungary

surinderjit SINGH

Timeless classic

She Cat

he is still brilliant, beyond the grave xxxxx


I love this song, i got everyone at work to love this song and dance to it, what a god damn shame, they would have been huge! They were starting to pick up.  Sad.


J'adore !!!!

Pieter De Koninck

Everything that happened aside, this is a good song.

Lottie Smith

This is so early 2010s, makes me nostalgic. Bittersweet, especially in light of his death.

Ray Dodge

Still hard to believe Charles isnt with us anymore !

Gü Gü

Greetz from austria - I love this song

ViViLuVsSuGa ALwaYs

Still here after all this time ❤️


seen the last concert before his suicide..i was like woooooooooaaaaah!!! and then when i got the news of his death i was like D'8 - R.I.P (rock in paradise)

Ashley Joseph

when he says "stop" and throws his hand in frnt of the camera and the camera does the skipping effect, that is amazing. best part of the video. i love it


I cannot get this song out of my head, Like i cannot keep the lead singer and his family out of  my thoughts and prayers

Robert Moore

A lot of rhythm with the synths, amazing stuff with charles voice. R i p


An amazing band and song - I will miss this.

Elody Dell

Comment ai-je fais pour vivre sans cette chanson ! superbe découverte :)

Xian Fernandes

We loved him from the beginning to the end... RI

This song is EPIC.

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