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Sydney R&B outfit 'Winston Surfshirt' and Canberra artist rapper Genesis Owusu's collaborative new single ‘There’s Only One’ brings a unique combination of funky good vibes to the airwaves.

Video News Story:

SVideo News Story:

Winston Surfshirt 'There's Only One'
Sydney R&B outfit 'Winston Surfshirt' and Canberra artist rapper Genesis Owusu's collaborative new single ‘There’s Only One’ brings a unique combination of funky good vibes to the airwaves.

The hybrid meeting of Winston Surfshirt’s disco sound and Owusu’s hip-hop/R&B stylings make for a stunning listen.

Six-piece Sydney collective Winston Surfshirt have spent the past six years establishing themselves as one of Australia’s, and the world’s, finest indie-R&B outfits.


The group vibe with twinkling vocals set to a funky, yet simple melody and pulsating beat flows on as Owusu’s smooth rap stylings bring a slick brightness to the already-grooving track.

Winston Surfshirt’s eponymous frontman said of the single: “Hearing the intro takes me straight back to walking through London blasting the beat in my headphones before the world shut down. Back in Sydney during lockdown we turned it into a song.”

On teaming up with Owusu, he added: “Our first thought was Genesis, we’ve known him for a while now and always wanted to work with him. The timing was right, so we sent him the tune and he sent a verse and bridge back a day later. No need for any changes, it was perfection.”

Owusu himself said: “Winston and I did this track a while ago, glad it’s seeing the light of day. Super smooth and summery. Hope my girlfriend likes my verse.”

This new release follows on from Winston Surfshirt’s latest collaborative single, ‘Complicated’, for which they teamed up with Young Franco.

Meanwhile, Owusu was recently announced as among the finalists for the 2021 Australian Music Prize.

He, along with the likes of Baker Boy and Amyl And The Sniffers are up for the $30,000 prize for best debut album.

Upon the album’s release, NME awarded Owusu a four-star review, observing that the Canberran artist 'Defies the conventions of Australian hip-hop, personalising jazz-funk, punk and folk'.

Premiered Feb 24, 2022


Airagdin Pavon More

Thre is only one my friends Jam, Lachlan, Chris and the team! It was a big pleasure working with you guys! God bless you all! Love it!!!!

Mis poemas para ti.

Felicitaciones Moro. Un abrazo inmenso y te deseamos muchos éxitos con este hermoso video donde haces gala de tu talento artístico.

Yolanda Aguilera y Lisardo Blas.

Yuliana De la Cruz

Pure gold - Legends!!!!

Tynkir Bell

Love this track and vid

Melanie Palummo


Eve Xx

Fookin fabulous - much love from London Xx

Samantha Archbold

This song is a total vibe!! It makes you want to dance like no one is watching, just like old mate in the video clip 

Kent Borges



Today, First Time I hear it in the radio


Oo this right here

timeless echo


Hannah Madderom

THE best!!!!!

Cherry Tomato

Can’t help but dance to this

Dr. Jenifer Moore Williams

I roll out of bed singing this

myn di

You're the sh*t

Percy Free

Bit too cool, Gen heats it up, video yehh

Daniel Morgan



Greetings from Florida.


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