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This is the story of one of the most iconic cars ever built. It left its native Italy over half a century ago, heading first for a quiet retirement in France then to America where it found stardom.

Video News Story:

SVideo News Story:

Roberto Rossellini's Scaglietti Ferrari
This is the story of one of the most iconic cars ever built. It left its native Italy over half a century ago, heading first for a quiet retirement in France then to America where it found stardom.

Now cult Italian film director Roberto Rossellini's Ferrari 375 MM Scaglietti Coupé is home and reunited with the humble streets and personalities of its youth, to reveal the untold human stories behind the bright lights and glittering celebrity…and to roar.

Not only was Roberto Rossellini one of the definitive auteurs of post-war European cinema, he also commissioned this gobsmakingly beautiful car.

The story goes that the car the great director owned was originally a red 375 Pininfarina Spyder but was rebodied as a Coupé by Scaglietti and painted silver.

And you can see how the Coupé format works perfectly for those Northern European winters (Rossellini spent a lot of time in Paris).

Notice those wonderfully scalped flanks similar to those on the 250TR, the pinched rear end that was such an inspiration for the E-Type, and of course that wonderfully long, elegantly scooped nose.

And though you’d have to sell a small family’s worth of kidneys to afford even those wire wheels, there’s something of that spartan, post WW2 Italian aesthetic that’s reflected in its incredible presence.

The perfect car for the perfect creator.


Leslie Reissner

I am glad to live in an age where it is possible for documentaries like this one to get global exposure through YouTube.  This is a truly wonderful film, a story lovingly told with so much feeling and truly beautiful images.

Bruno von Nünlist

Simon, your films are amongst the greatest car films, ever produced! This film is in the galleria of those! Exquisite!!! Bravi!!!

Mastalier GT

9 months ago (edited)

"AND THE OSCAR GOES TO:....SIMON KIDSTON!"  Congratulations Simon! Once again you produced a film for the connaisseurs amongst car lovers, as ever in top quality. Great story, brilliant video and of course a unique car! Keep on pushing :-)


These are stories that make it worth living. Just amazing in every sense.

Cornish Rider

You've topped it again!  Exquisite attention to detail with the locations, filming and storytelling.  Just amazing how the light danced along the side of the car showing the quality of the coach building. I'd say this is the most beautiful and elegant Ferrari I've seen.


Rome, this gentleman remembering, this silver masterpiece, all these energies combined in this beautiful documentary! Thank you so much Simon for showing us such an elegant story, the one that everybody wishes to live...super job!!!!

Anthony Gordon

Such a lovingly made film. Surprisingly, it really moved me. Such a beautiful car. "Speed makes our life last longer"

Laurent St

24 minutes and 22 seconds of pure joy. Thank you so much for telling this story.

Autolist Canada

The location, the filming, the car… all magnifico ????

Jan van rijsselberge

Mario, what a legend! Beautiful film, the engine sounds , the settings , superb.

E92 M3 GUY

An incredible car and an even more incredible production with your artisan team of film makers . The effort and dedication that's goes into these mini movies is mind blowing , having  the real people involved telling their own version of events is the icing on the cake for me. Bravo Simon !!!!! 

R. P.

Grandioso! Emotions nothing but emotions! Thank you for this wonderful motion picture about a truly breathtaking story and car.


Vi superate sempre!

Christer Lundem

I got a lump in my throat, this was just so emotional and good. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


This is nothing but impeccable class.  A superb essay. Thank you very much for this kind of work...As for the car, it's a stunning thing but a touch contrived around the rear roof area IMPHO.  I think it's the back screen that sits a bit odd.  I welcome any debate! Shades of BMW 507 and 300SL I can see in this machine too..

Perpetual Passion

Thank you Simon for sharing this beautiful film !! You deserve an Oscar for this documentary so full of Passion!

JC Gabriel

You made an incredibly beautiful film about an incredibly beautiful car. I'm guessing even Roberto Rossellini would be pleased with your execution of this film. That's all I can say for now, because I find myslef having a chronic lack of words to describe this film.

Robert Morgan

Absolutely incredible and beautifully done, bravo ????

James 2

Great car and a great story beautifully told - bravo!


Actually made me weep a bit. They don't make'm like this any more. Another masterly turned legend. Sir Simon indeed! The Pebble Beach Concours Winner of YouTube Shorts... Sort of

Chris Lundin

What a car! Great film as always! Thank you!

Paul Reilly

Thank you Simon, this allows me to dream of a different time and place. You help keep my mental health on track.

Phil C

This short movie quality doco is high automotive cinematic art. Well done.

Langdon Doty

love your work simon! this one is genius!

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