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We live n Paradise, but this is what paradise could sound like: 'Surrender', a 1987 single by British pop act 'Swing Out Sister' from their debut album 'It's Better to Travel'. Portmac weekend bliss

Video News Story:

Swing Out Sister 'Surrender'
We live n Paradise, but this is what paradise could sound like: 'Surrender', a 1987 single by British pop act 'Swing Out Sister' from their debut album 'It's Better to Travel'. Portmac weekend bliss

Swing Out Sister are an English pop group best known worldwide for the 1986 song "Breakout".

Other hits include "Surrender" (This clip), "Twilight World", "Waiting Game", and a remake of the Eugene Record soul composition "Am I the Same Girl?"

Although Swing Out Sister are currently a duo, they began as a trio in the UK.

The group was formed by Andy Connell (keyboards) and Martin Jackson (drums); they were later joined by Corinne Drewery (vocals).

The group's name came from the title of a 1945 movie starring Arthur Treacher, called Swing Out, Sister, and they claim they chose the name because it was the only thing the band could agree on, in that they all hated it.

Both Connell and Jackson had been playing in other bands prior to forming SOS, while Drewery was a fashion designer and model before she became the band's lead vocalist.

Connell and Jackson, outside of their usual roles as Manchester musicians in 'A Certain Ratio' and 'Magazine' were producing Electro tracks for Morgan Khan’s Streetwise label with a degree of underground success.

This activity triggered interest from a few major labels including Phonogram/Mercury Records.

Vocalised songs were asked for, so Connell who knew Connie through Factory Records, approached her to sing on the Phonogram demos.

These demos helped secure Swing Out Sister a major label contract.

Debut album: It's Better to Travel (1985–1987)

Together with their producer, Paul Staveley O'Duffy, they signed with Mercury Records. Before their first album, they released the single "Blue Mood" in the UK in November 1985. However, it did not chart.

In late 1986, the single "Breakout" was released. It reached the number four position on the UK Singles Chart in November 1986, and number six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States in November 1987.

Consequently when they released their debut album, 'It's Better to Travel', on 11 May 1987, it reached number one on the UK Albums Chart.

The album blended real horns, synths (arranged subtly, to sound like strings), drums, and xylophones, scored by producer/arranger Richard Niles.

The follow-up single to the effervescent "Breakout" was the brooding "Surrender", which featured a trumpet solo performed by John Thirkell.

It rose to number seven on the UK charts in January 1987.

The next single was the more serious and jazzy "Twilight World".

That song was the subject of many remixes and was a dance club favourite worldwide.

The final single, "Fooled By a Smile", returned to the upbeat pop orientation characteristic of "Breakout".

The group were subsequently nominated for two Grammy Awards in 1988: Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Group or Duo ("Breakout").

I produced this remix as a tribute to Corinne.



Swing Out Sister one the must underrated group in the world.


absolute elegant... nothing to do with today music... Today tunes ARE CRAP

Marzan Worldwide

Swing Out Sister is further proof that Soul has no color!!

brian brianmh34

When music made sense and music videos were all of that... I miss those days!!!!!

Ruben Mejias

Pretty Lady. that Corrinne. and classy too


I was 13 when I heard this in January  1987... still fancy Corinne like mad!

Rotimi Orimoloye

I'm just realizing it now.

This is definitely where Lisa Stansfield got a lot of her inspiration.

ian welsh

Still sounds good today

Jackie Hunter

Smooth makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside ... takes me back to the 80s life was so much easier back then

Pani Smith

When I lived in London, this song always reminds me of that place..

A city of adventure.. night life - & passion. ????☺????☺????☺????.

John Walsh

When music was music...beautiful sound.


bring me back in the past time machine !!!!!


their best tune by far. take me back to the 80's plz.....

Robert AOR Westcoast

Awesome, I Love It This song, Smooth Jazz full


fantastic  and deeper voice

Pani Smith

Corinne....Yes back in the 80's I thought she had such a stunning beauty and still is today as well..that English rose sort of a thing..

Pani Smith

sorry forgot to mention..her voice is amazing too..Surrender....awesome song..I still she could been on the Cover of VOGUE..Magazine..simply stunning.

Voice Of The Firmament

This is sublime pop luxury elegance, still waiting for love to take revenge!

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Voters: Better the Devil?


Running a government should be like running a successful business.

At the top of any successful business is the CEO and then you have people that occupy responsible positions they advise the CEO on matters that will effect the running of that business successfully and at a profit, minimizing spending and maximizing profit for the shareholders.

Over the last decade we have witnessed some of the so called best of the best CEO rolled or sacked from their job for under performing and not coming up to shareholders and board members expectations.

The Coalition Government that is in office, runs their party and Australia exactly the same as the businesses of this great land.

That's the prime difference between Liberal and Labor, Labor runs the country like nothing is too much to spend to be popular, so irresponsible treasures like Wayne Swan and Chris Bowen, just can't put the brakes on the Prime Ministers rash promises.

As a result they first jack up taxes to cover the spending, when they run out of money, they tax everything they can get their hands on and when that is exhausted they turn to the money lenders and that's when the debt stats to become unmanageable, like we have all seen in the not so distant past.

Over five years ago the public was made aware that there would have to be cuts to clear the massive debt and get the budget back to surplus, responsible people would realize this was the correct approach to the situation left by Labor's mismanagement.

The Liberal's and Nationals are no different managing the country as a business and you are the shareholders and they want their CEO (PM) to give the shareholders their best, Abbott was unpopular , so he was replaced by Turnbull who supposed to be a world beater, but it was as plain as the nose on your face that he had serious issues, so we now have Morrison, who is a good man a trustworthy family man with his shareholder well being in his heart a great treasurer and a fine Australia.

So I ask you all why do you want to throw away all the good work the Coalition has done and vote for a shifty union dominated person like Shorten that will send the country back into debt and we will have to start all over again, when we vote the coalition back in three years' time.

Seems ridiculous to me. Don't you think? Give them another go.

Raymond G Mc Donald

Time for a new approach to immigration?

April 2019

It's time to put the emphasis on quality when it comes to immigration. That's the message from Liberal Democrats lead candidate for NSW, David Leyonhjelm, who is calling for a different approach to managing strong population growth.

"It's hard to ignore the congestion in our major cities. But calling for blanket bans on anything is never the answer," he declared.

"There is a shortage of people in many areas, and highly skilled professionals and business people create more jobs when they come here. This is not the case for family reunion migrants. The emphasis has to be on the quality of newcomers to our state rather than just the quantity, which is all we've heard so far in this debate.

"The Liberal Democrats have a long-standing policy that requires new migrants to make a substantial financial contribution in order to live here, and that denies new migrants access to welfare," David explained. "This is based on the fact that taxpayers have paid for the services new migrants will use, such as roads, public schools and other key infrastructure.

"The state government could also do a lot to ease congestion through greater investment in infrastructure. This is not just new train services and motorways, but practical considerations such as parking at train stations and bus stops. And there is much more that could be done to promote greater use of motorbikes and scooters," he added.

"For a new approach to immigration that doesn't involve soap box speeches or thinly veiled racism, the Liberal Democrats are the answer."

The Liberal Democrats support the retention of character, criminal and health checks on migrants, and endorse rigorous and relevant security screening before a resident can become a citizen.

"We want people who will embrace our values, not seek to impose their values on us. Anyone applying for residency or citizenship who supports female genital mutilation, forced marriages or the subordination of women is not welcome."

The Liberal Democrats are running in both the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council at the March 23 election.

Kate Fantinel 

Stock-up on the torches and candles!


The article in Daily Telegraph (31/1/2019) by Sheradyn Holderhead, “Dark Ages to last for years” revealed the Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor is totally in the dark on how the South Eastern Australia Electricity grid works.

When he declared: “It’s telling that the biggest problems are in Victoria and SA states that have seen fit to shut down baseload (power Stations, he forgot to mention NSW shutdowns).

The Chinese company, China Light and Power (CLP) which owns Energy Australia, bought 1000MW Wallerawang Power Station in 2013 and closed it in 2015 as it was not making a profit. This is despite the NSW Government spending millions of tax-payer dollars replacing the generator transformers.

This closure meant that NSW lost 10% of its baseload coal fire power stations. But there was no public outcry like the one generated by the closure of Hazelwood power station.

Its decision-making like this that led to the Tomago Aluminum smelter being forced to shut down to avoid an embarrassing blackout on that sweltering day of February 10, 2017.

Before electricity prices doubled over the past decade, Energy Australia used to be owned by Australians. It was the property of the governments of NSW and Victoria, the so-called guardians of our state assets.

The recent black-out in the Eastern suburbs (31/1/2019) is what happens when you privatise an electricity asset. In October 2016 the then “Magic Mike” Baird Government sold Ausgrid for $16 billion to Australian companies IFM Investors and Australian Super.

One of the first actions the consortium took was to turn a recently completed $70 million apprentice training building at Homebush into a store room. Clearly, training apprentices – the sparkies of the future – is not on their agenda. In addition, they sacked meter connecting officers and electrical inspectors and replaced them with contractors.

Even Piers Akerman describes his frustration with Ausgrid in his Sunday Telegraph article (“A shocking state of affairs over power (26/3/2017).

The $16 billion windfall from selling our utilities will quickly dissipate due to loss of productivity and the lack of a skilled workforce.

So, when the next big storm hits Sydney it is highly likely there will be extended blackouts and an increased risk of fires in electrical substations.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian will then hit another milestone triggered by her fire sale of the network which filled government coffers but created further risks of unreliability in the power network.

I strongly recommend people stock up on candles and torches, I know I am.


Banking Inquiry:


It was a good investigation into the American run banks in this country. I wonder if time could be turned back if the coalition would have been so keen to have that inquiry into the unions, and their crystal ball would have predicted the push, after that inquiry, for a banking inquiry.

Was an inquiry into the unions such a good idea after all? The blowout in costs brought little fruit for the coalition compared with the egg on their face with the banking inquiry's final report.

I couldn't help but notice how West Australian former Senator, Rod Culleton, was railroaded and forced to resign following his call in his maiden speech to have an inquiry into Australian banks.

Until the banking inquiry I was never aware dead people were capable of paying bank charges.

Lets hope we see banking honesty in the future and those responsible for bad behaviour face the full justice of the courts. However, I won't hold my breathe waiting.

Jay Nauss

Skilling NSW for the future & tackling youth unemployment


Unemployment in NSW is now well below 5 per cent and jobs creation over the past 12 months is at record levels.

Mission accomplished? Not quite. Businesses across NSW face a real challenge in securing qualified staff. Right across NSW skill shortages are one of the biggest issues facing almost every business. However, despite these shortages we have a youth unemployment rate in the double digits. In some regional areas of NSW youth unemployment exceeds 20 per cent.

There are some 70,000 unemployed youth across NSW, this presents both challenges and an opportunities. We must as a state do more to assist the next generation get the training they need to secure meaningful employment. Sadly more often than not young jobseekers don’t have the training or skills to secure these opportunities.

To make matters worse, many young job seekers have incurred debt completing training that will not assist them in securing a meaningful career or have been trapped in a school system that measures success by whether or not they secure a university place. Providing the skills and training necessary to overcome barriers to securing employment should be the number one priority of the next government of NSW.

There are some things we can and must do. For starters we need to address the perceptions of Vocational Education and Training (VET). This can be done by providing parents and students with the facts and more contemporary advice on where the job opportunities are today and in the future. Importantly, we need to provide more flexible pathways that promote the value, importance and opportunities provided by trades training. Addressing skill shortages and tacking youth unemployment must be a priority for all sides of politics.

The NSW Business Chamber is calling for additional measures to help address this issue these include a new $100 million dollar youth re-engagement fund to get young people back into training and into work, a target of 20,000 school based apprenticeships and traineeships to be delivered over the next four years.

The Chamber is also calling for the funding of Career Advice Hubs that provide contemporary industry careers advice and improvements to our TAFE system that: improve enrolment processes; deliver more contemporary course content; and support for a complementary private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) network. In New South Wales the need for skilled workers will become even more urgent as the state embarks on a period of record investment in infrastructure.

The next four years will see in the order of 87 billion dollars invested in new hospitals, schools and roads right across the state. This investment provides a once in generation opportunity to train our future labour force and importantly help start the careers of thousands of young NSW jobseekers. Skilling NSW for the future and tackling you unemployment is key to keeping NSW the Number 1 economy in Australia.

Kellon Beard Regional Manager,

Mid North Coast, NSW Business Chamber

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    These guys have looked after my car for years. did engine swap in 2017 - great work, excellent value. Yotally recommend them - cheers guy's !

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