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17 years after their initial breakup in 1987, the band re-formed to play a one-off Prince's Trust concert at Wembley Arena in November, 2004 - and magic happened - again !

Video News Story:

SVideo News Story:

Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Pleasuredome'
17 years after their initial breakup in 1987, the band re-formed to play a one-off Prince's Trust concert at Wembley Arena in November, 2004 - and magic happened - again !

Consumer Advice : This track benefits from being played LOUD on quality HI-Fi - Bas @ Max.

Performing with original band members Paul Rutherford, Peter "Ped" Gill and Mark O'Toole, was Ryan Molloy, 28, who beat 200 hopefuls who flocked to the open audition in Leicester Square a month before their concert performance (See video below).

The 2004 Prince's Trust charity performance staged at London's Wembley Arena marked the 25th anniversary in show business of producer Trevor Horn, who made his name overseeing hits by artists like the Buggles, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Yes, and ABC.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood (FGTH), formed in 1980, were a British band popular in the mid-1980s. The group was fronted by Holly Johnson (vocals), with Paul Rutherford (vocals, keyboards), Peter Gill (drums, percussion), Mark O'Toole (bass guitar), and Brian Nash (guitar).

Supported by a striking advertising campaign depicting the band as members of the Red Army and a wide range of remixes, the single was a phenomenal success in the UK, immediately entering at the number one position on 10 June 1984.

The track stayed at the top of the UK Singles Chart for nine consecutive weeks, during which time the group's previous single "Relax" climbed back up the charts to number two.

It was the longest running number-one single in the UK of the 1980s. It has sold 1.58 million copies in the UK as of November 2012.  



That bass is supersonically good.

Eryk S

Unfucking believable music.  One of the greatest jams of all time!

Denise M

I can't stop watching this! I keep coming back to it over the past few years! SO HOOKED!


Mark O'Toole on bass absolutely killing it. Incredible.

Smith Ismael J.

Love the bass lines.  Hypnotic. I never heard of Ryan Molloy. Must have been living under a stone. What a fan-tas-tic voice !!!

Lazaro Delgado

The best performance ever!!!!!! They nailed it !!!! The bassist is out of this world !!!!

Michael Reece

The only thing more amazing than the supernatural performance by Ryan Molloy is the fact that this concert (also featuring Grace Jones, ABC, Yes, etc) took place 16 years ago and yet there are suddenly multiple recent views and comments.....l just stumbled upon it a few days ago and its perhaps the best live performance l have ever seen on YouTube.0


Paul's enthusiasm and joy of performing is infectioust

Joanne Lambert

Jesus that was brilliant! Singer kicked ass!!!

David Young

Such a fantastic performance, and as an added bonus, you get to watch Steve Howe supply a little extra musical genius to the piece.  

Buck Nemitt

Simply fantastic, fantastic performance.

David w


Todd Merrell

Every moment of this song, and of this album is indelibly etched in every part of my being, body, mind and soul.

Every crash, every orchestral hit, every reverse sweep, every moment of the arrangement, every bass note, everything that Holly sang.

I played it to death on my Technics linear tracking turntable and in my 1979 Buick Regal in metallic flake midnight blue on a cassette that I'd ripped from my vinyl.

Trevor Horn is a God. This changed my life when it came out when I was seventeen - and it still blows my mind.

What a hell of an arrangement, and performance. Wow...

Red Squirrel

I was living in the UK in the early 80's when this came out. The whole place was rocking. Great times. Great people.

Helen Burgess

To me its the beginning of Dance , started my first club in my old man's cellar....

Gert Haesendonck

and the bass is ...enchanting

Paul Knowles

I cant believe how good this track still sounds. It hasn't aged a day. Absolutely brilliant.

Tricky Subject

2019, still kickin it. The neighbours love this one

d sheridan

The greatest driving song of all time. Always play this version, it maybe 8mins but it's about the build-up to a wonderful crescendo!!!

PatV forMatt

Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The lyrics of the song were inspired by the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 

FGTH auditions for new frontman:

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