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Big In Brazil ! As we continue our 'Sydney Pub Rock Legends Of The 80s & 90s' season, which kicked of last week with 'RatCat', it's only right & proper that we re-visit the kings - 'Spy V Spy'.

Video News Story:

SVideo News Story:

Spy V Spy 'Don't Tear it Down'
Big In Brazil ! As we continue our 'Sydney Pub Rock Legends Of The 80s & 90s' season, which kicked of last week with 'RatCat', it's only right & proper that we re-visit the kings - 'Spy V Spy'.

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And they're still big in Brazil ! Spy v Spy, also known as v. Spy v. Spy, The Drug Grannies and The Spies, were an Australian ska/pub rock band from Sydney formed in 1981.

They became known for tackling political issues through their music, including racism, homelessness and contemporary drug culture.

They were named after a comic strip, "Spy vs. Spy" in the US Mad magazine.

The band's initial line-up was the trio of Craig Bloxom on bass guitar/lead vocals, Cliff Grigg on drums/percussion and Michael Weiley on lead guitar/vocals.

Spy vs. Spy's early music was ska-influenced indie rock, exemplified by their debut single "Do What You Say" on the independent Green label in April 1982.

They were eventually signed to Midnight Oil's label Powderworks and managed by Oils manager, Gary Morris.

Their first full-length album Harry's Reasons was released in March 1986 and produced by Leszek Karski.

They switched labels to WEA and had their highest charting success in February 1987 with this single "Don't Tear It Down" on the Australian singles chart and the associated album A.O. Mod. TV. Vers. peaked at No. 12 on the Australian albums chart.



Mike we will never forget you, one of the greatest Oz rock guitarist


Dude every brazilian surfer back in the 80's was a huge fan of Aussie bands!

Sin Arquitetura

Cheers from Brasil. 80's Aussie bands have a lot of fans here.s


Just one of the awesome Aussie bands of the 80's that shits all over todays crap!

 Santi Costa

cheers from Argentina. Greatest Aussie band alongside the crawl

Tatiana Cristina

Minha vida e juventude foi ouvindo  esses aussies Rock  australiano de primeira.

paulo roberto braga mello braga mello


Andrew Murphy

These guys were unbelievable! Brilliant. Australia had the best bands in the world in the 80s. These guys would have been world beaters in any other country. Maybe we had too many great bands?

chris hood

The pub band era produced so many memories - Aussie crawl, chisel, icehouse, radiators, the mentals, these guys- gone but not forgotten.


This song will always remind me of the morning of my sister's wedding day. It was a HOT day in late February 1987 and we were crammed into my brother's car driving around town with this song absolutely blasting. A great memory.

Ronan Murray

80s Aussie pub rock... filthy going' out short-sleeved shirts, guitar work as tight as a gnat's chuff, and earnest songs about important stuff. I miss it.


Another killer Sydney band from back in the good old days ... these boys were under The Oils wing.

Zoran Karabeleski

The 80's and 90's Sydney had the best bands best live music scene in the world

crateús trilhas

2020 -Brazil , os caras são bons !!!

Harrison Reay

This song makes me dance

Louis Cozin

The 80's wasn't only a decade, it is a Lifestyle. I am so 80's heart and Soul.


Was lucky enough to meet them and watch them play. In my mind one of Australia's most under rated bands! GUTSY, HONEST GUYS.!!!!

Sam Wilkins

This one's for you NSW government. Tearing down Sydney. Still relevant now.

LåthÅm MållØy

Greatest Australian band in the 80s!..

steve mullins

these are the days and I was there to listen in the pub gig with a smoke and a beer in my hand rocking on !!!!

One Way Street

Unmistakable sound, a great band that were criminally underrated. Sadly missed,  but never forgotten. R.I.P. Michael Weiley, a true gentleman.

Craig Grigg

No tricks, no electronics, just guitars, drums and vocals... thats why spy v spy sound good in any era... 80s, 90s, thousands and now. Some of their music was ahead of its time; lyrics are still relevant tod

Ridge Gillespie

Wow I feel like he's speaking about America right now


If you’re here in 2050, let me tell ya bucko, you’ve found a  bloody good song!???????????? enjoy the taste of real music????

Andre Costa

best vibes from here in Santos,,Brasil....some good waves today,, i 'm 49,,,listening this awesome band from my teen days and couple tears roll down...congrats to you ALL australian people

Matt Horam

Went more than 40 years wondering what this band sounded like and then I open this video to discover I've heard them a million times without realising. Pervasively influential, too!

jamie stuart

Holy fuck these guys went off the rickter scale in a live performance, remember hobbling out of the venue with aching feet from dancing so much/hard, absolutely adored them, still do, jamie xo

Cameron Street

Rare Aussie Lead Vocal / Bassist in fine action.. ????

Stephen Lancaster

Legendary song.

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