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News Section Advertising Opportunities

News Section Advertising :

What You Get :

* High Impact Website Sections

* High Visibility 'Ear' Advert Display With 'Click Link' To Your 'Member Profile &/Or

* Banner Advert Display With 'Click Link' To Your 'Member Profile' *

* Exposure 24/7 &  Weekly 'Activity Reports'

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'Local News Category'

Place your adverts where everybody will see them. First to display on website load. 'Ear Ads' & 'Banner Adverts'.

'Citizen Report Category'

Place your message where active locals will see it. Great for those businesses that focus on local activities (Social Clubs, Special interest groups, schools & colleges, retailers, etc.).

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'Retail Reporter Category' 

If you run a retail business you need to be visible in this section. Keep existing & potential customers informed about your activities (Sales, Clearances, Specials etc). 

'Sports Reporter Category'

The place for sports & activity related advertising. Promote apparel, equipment, memberships, special foods, diets, sports & gym equipment etc. to sports orientated people.

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'Social Reporter Category'

Strictly limited opportunity. Be seen by the social movers & shakers in our community. Promote your business & ensure you're visible in the corridors of power !

'All News Category'

Be seen on the index page that list all news categories. This is the fast access gateway to all 'News' content on this website.

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