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Well, isn’t this the collab you didn’t realise you needed? VIC Groovers Ocean Grove & Australia’s biggest stoners Dune Rats have partnered up for a Nirvana'esk sounding hit track entitled ‘Bored’.

Video News Story:

SVideo News Story:

Ocean Grove 'Bored' feat. Dune Rats
Well, isn’t this the collab you didn’t realise you needed? VIC Groovers Ocean Grove & Australia’s biggest stoners Dune Rats have partnered up for a Nirvana'esk sounding hit track entitled ‘Bored’.

'Ocean Grove' are a Melbourne based nu-metal outfit & 'Dune Rats' are a skate-punk band from Brisbane.

Ocean Grove have shared the final preview of their forthcoming third album, ‘Up In The Air Forever’ – a collaborative effort with Dune Rats titled ‘Bored’.

Channeling the angst they felt during the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 and ’21, ‘Bored’ combines the soaring, riff-driven Britpop sound of Ocean Grove’s recent works with Dune Rats’ signature energised, chant-heavy skate-punk.

The latter band shine in the song’s chorus, where they sing in tandem: “I’m bored right out of my brain / Nothing’s changed / Don’t waste your time on me.”

The track arrives alongside a video helmed by The AV Club, in which both bands – combined into a supergroup dubbed Ocean Rats – throw a wild party inside a bored child’s bedroom.

“This song is what you get when you place your two favourite bands into a room during what felt like a never-ending lockdown for two years and ask them to sit still,” Ocean Grove said of ‘Bored’ in a press statement.

“Writing this song was the perfect way to funnel our pent-up energy and irritation into something cathartic and positive – much like the entire [‘Up In The Air Forever’] album.”

Describing ‘Bored’ as an “Absolute thrasher”, the band went on to say that teaming Dune Rats was “Fun as f*ck”, and offered them “A timely reminder of just how important Oddworld music is to us, and that it will always be the silver bullet to the mundanity we feel exerted around us on a daily basis”.

Perfect election day music!



ocean grove never disappoints - always keeping it fun & light, can’t wait for the record tomorrow ????

Nath F

This song gonna be stuck in my head for weeks now. Such a fun and catchy song.

X e

what a vibe- hit a f*cking mil and beyond so people hear this.

Misha Mike Mallory

Ocean Grove became that band when you listen to their songs - you have a huge ass smile on your face all the way. I do enjoy it more than their head bang era songs. Why? It's different. There's enough heavy artists out there. This is different. This is special.

Jean Patton


Feeling AFNAR

Rock is not the devil's work; it's magical and rad!

Rudolf Horváth

This made my day, I can't stop smiling listening to the song. What a banger.

Petr Knedlík

I haven't feeled so happy listening to a song. Great one lads! ????

Miks Petersons

They dropped the track! Yeeeees OG. Can't wait to hear the full album tomorrow. Absolutely phenomenal sound lads. Europe tour when? :D

Martin Winges

What a banger! Love it. 

Jacob Wood

The iconic duo we didn't know we needed.

Dizzmay ͔

How is it that they just can’t make a bad track

Picture Anime

Absolute banger! Love it!

Андрей К

Love this band


Thx Ocean Grove and Dune Rats for this eargasmn ! Banger Hit 22 !

Aidan W

Our 4 year old has this on repeat, amazing work fellas!


Q música foda


Holy shit, I need more Ocean Rats


Best Aussie colab I've heard in ages

Beth Taylor

Boys, this album is f*cking superb, cannot get enough

psycho life

God I love ocean grove

Yung Memory 631

i love the grunge sound

John Macey-Day

This track is vibes 


Just heard it on Triple J. Brilliant contemporary rock.


Blasting this over from the states! Love this


Two of my fave groups...omg what a day!


Aww yeah!! Did you know that this track got added to 'triple j's New Music Hitlist' with over 317K Followers on Spotify!


Hell yeah


Absolute heat


This video seems like it would've been so fun to shoot lmao


Love the obvious kickapoo hommage <3


This whole album is so fucking catchy!!

Ocean Grove

1:37 - Good time to NOT be holding a full pint in the mosh.

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