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It doesn’t get any smoother than this. From his jazz roots G.B became the world's leading jazz-pop crossover artist & this track was an ultra-special union between George & Quincy Jones. Timeless!

Video News Story:

SVideo News Story:

George Benson 'Give Me The Night'
It doesn’t get any smoother than this. From his jazz roots G.B became the world's leading jazz-pop crossover artist & this track was an ultra-special union between George & Quincy Jones. Timeless!

George Benson’s 1980 album 'Give Me the Night' completed a journey that began on 1976's Breezin', taking him from his jazz roots and established him as the world's leading jazz-pop crossover artist.

A talented and prestigious guitarist and accomplished vocalist, Give Me the Night was, for many people, their first taste of Benson's smooth sound.

Although Benson had been recording regularly since 1963, Give Me the Night relocated him away from the connoisseurs and into thousands of British households.

Benson had been enjoying minor chart UK hits from 1975, but this album’s two singles, its title-track and Love x Love, made him a top 10 artist.

With the pedigree of performer, producer and writer on this album, his newfound stardom should have come as little wonder.

This was the first release on album producer Quincy Jones’ own imprint Qwest, and with him Jones brought most of the team he had recently utilised to such phenomenal success on Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall.

For a while it was impossible to go anywhere without hearing this album’s hit singles.

And what spotless classics they are.

'Give Me the Night' positively glides.

Jazz critics suggested that Benson was reduced to a bit part player on his own album, but that misses the point; here was a player who’d worked with the likes of Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock enjoying some of pop’s limelight.


Jacee K

I'm in my 50's, but every time I hear this song I'm that 14 yr old girl again.. roller skating and jamming. Love this song!

Taneka Miller

This song still hits hard in 2022. A certified banger. Love it. ❤️ I'm bumping it loud.  The bass is just outstanding.  on this song. The bass is knocking it out the ball park. This song is still an all time hit. Even in 2022.

Danny D

This has to be one of my all time favorite songs I never get tired of hearing. They don't make music like this anymore

Norhamadi Ahmad

That bass line is fantastic!! ????????????????????????


Can’t stop playing it on repeat it’s so groovy!

Ava Langrin

This song was the theme song for my prom.  It was 1981 in NYC, and my prom was held at The Playboy Club.  When this song was played everyone got on the floor and danced.  What a time.  We were invincible.  ????????????????????????????????

Ruben Delgadillo

Who else thinks George Benson belongs in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Miles from New Orleans

RIP Rod Temperton who wrote this song and Michael Jackson‘s biggest hits. His work with Heat Wave was also sensational.

jimmy palmer

I'm really blessed because this song was popular when I was in high school and they played it like every 30 minutes on the radio! I'm an old, white country boy and I played this cassette in my truck so often that I literally wore it out and it broke and I had to replace it. One of my all time favorites and 40 years later still a badass song!!!!!

Dawn Paige

I'm 61 years old and still love this song by George Benson and I definitely love this video as well. This song will never get old. WBLS use to play this as well.

Yo Momma

Those backing vocals give me chills.

Oliver Standen

One of the finest compositions the world has ever heard.


I feel blessed to have grown up with this music.

Jisoo's wood

Whenever dark has fallen

You know the spirit of the party

Starts to come alive

Rimedio Beats

This song is the definition of a masterpiece.


this song is so smooth & so goosebump worthy. classic.

S-sential Bizness

George Benson playing guitar while rollerskating, then taking his date out for a hot dog & some wine ..... this guy was the definition of the word BOSS! 

Imani Hodges

I woke up this morning with this song in my head, but haven't heard it in YEARS. Such a great jam! Reminds me of when my parents were young and spry.

Gary Skadra

I remember how much I liked this song in what would've been 4th grade. Usually hearing it in my parents car ????. Still love it today


One of the great feel good songs of all time.

1 month ago

This song is so groovy such a cool vibe and man this music never dies love this tune. Amazing that lady percussionist in the back is amazing singer

Patricia Alvarez

I'm in my 50's and feeling the teenage version of myself coming to lif


It doesn’t get any smoother than this. Timeless!

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