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Member System Display Advertising :

Advertise & Promote Your Business

Adzone Z041 - News - All News - Ear-Right - 3m Subscription

'Adzone' Advert Specification :

Ear Right Advert: One (Supplied) 'Ear Advert 200px x 100px' with one 'Click Link' to either your Portmac.news 'Member Profile' or an external website, for an 'Advertising Period' equal to the 'Duration' indicated below.

'Adzone' Advertising Period Duration :

Your 'Advertising Period' equals the 'Duration' specified within this subscription plans Title above, with that 'Advertising Period' commencing on the first Monday after the date of your subscription payment or account debit.

'Adzone' Advert Display :

Your advert will be inserted into the 'Rotor Of Adverts' which display on the page associated with this Portmac.news 'Adzone' subscription (An 'Adzone' can be identified by the 'Z number' (eg : Z111) found within this subscriptions Title above). When a 'User' visits the Portmac.news page containing that 'Adzone' an advert from the 'Rotor Of Adverts' associated with that 'Adzone' will be 'Randomly' chosen to display first.

After a set period of time (seconds) another advert from that 'Rotor Of Adverts' for that 'Adzone' will be 'Randomly' chosen for display next and so on. This process will continue until the 'User' leaves that page.

'Random' Advert selection is based upon an Adverts 'Priority'. All Adverts have the same 'Priority' unless an Advertiser chooses to purchase extra 'VIP Priority' for their Advert. Extra 'VIP Priority' increases the probability of an Advert being display first in that 'Adzone' (See 'Get VIP Priority' below).

'Adzone' Advert Upload & Updating :

You will be able to 'Upload' your Advert from your PC & specify your 'Click Link' through your Portmac.news 'Member Profile' after Subscribing to this 'Adzone'. You can upload one new advert once per month for the duration of subscription without charge. Additional advert uploads will be charged to your account at the current 'Rate Card' rate.

'Adzone' Advert Display Reports :

Reports will be automatically sent to you by Email. Those Reports will detail the number of times your Advert has been displayed & other Advert related information.

Get 'VIP Priority' :

'VIP Priority' is like getting a FREE EXTRA ADVERT ! For example : Normal 'Advert Priority' means that if there where 4 Adverts in one 'Adzone' then each 'Advert' would have a 25% chance of being displayed first on page load.

'VIP Priority' greatly increases your chance of being displayed first in this 'Adzone'! You can add 'VIP Priority' (Extra cost option) to your order as you checkout

10% Discount On Display Advert Bookings !

Yes - When 'Signing Up' for any type of new 'Member System Display Advert' enter the following code into the 'Coupon' field to get your 10% discount !! :

Important Advert Slot Notes :

Ear Advert (200 x 100px) : Ads must be supplied by you or your agents & uploaded by you or your agents to your 'Member Profile' AT LEAST 3 (Three) working days prior to the start of your 'Advertising Period' (The Wednesday Prior). Adverts are checked for size, content & quality. The system operators reserve the right to reject any advert that does not meet the systems Content & Style Guideline Criteria

** 'Advertising Period' : All 'Advertising Periods' begin at 1.00am on a Monday (The first day) & end at 12.00pm on a Sunday (The last day).

Updates To Advert Artwork : During the 'Duration' of your Advertising Period you can updated your advertisement once per month at no cost. Additional advert updates will be charged to your account at the prevailing rate. To 'Update' an advert, Upload & save an updated version of your advert through your 'Member Profile > 'News - Create / Edit' Button > 'Upload Advert' option. The system operators reserve the right to reject any updated advert that does not meet the systems Content & Style Guideline Criteria

Every Ad Slot Needs An Advert :

It's Simple : You can either make a 'Ear Advert' yourself (Using our free to download & simple to use professional quality 'Image Editor' - Available in 'Member Menu > Downloads) Or for a special low fixed rate for Advertisers we'll make an advert up for you ! When you book your advert look for the 'Advert Type' selector area & choose either the Need A 'Basic Ear Advert Created' option or the 'Need Animated Ear Advert Created' option:


ear right 01


Above : An example of an 'Animated Ear Advert'

ear left 01


Above : An example of a 'Basic Ear Advert'

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